TransWind QuadRo represents a highly novel, complete solution platform that is transformable and transportable.

Since the TransWind QuadRo is a complete solutions package turbine, the entire wind turbine unit is pre-assembled at the factory, then delivered directly to your desired site, immediately ready for installation and operation. This includes all off-grid components, such as the charge controller, inverter, and batteries. This development concept reduces the need for services such as construction, foundation, and installation which is needed with a typical wind turbine.

The TransWind QuadRo is fully operational upon delivery within two hours. Once you have placed the wind turbine in your desired location, the swing arms are folded out, followed by the vertical arm which is hydraulically lifted into position. Once the rotor blades are unfolded, the front legs of the turbine are hydraulically positioned and anchored hoisting the complete unit hydraulically into its operational position.


The innovative technology concept of the TransWind QuadRo is based around the unique Super Vortex Air-flow Compression/Vortice generating rotor blades, combined with the unwind/downwind counter-rotating rotors. These key features differentiate the TransWind QuadRo from the conventional known solutions and redefine the way kinetic energy is harnessed.

The rotor blade surface area can be up to 50% relative to the rotor swept area in comparison to conventional blades, which have a blade surface of 5-10%. These rotor blades run virtually noiseless across all wind speeds.

The QuadRo Wind turbine is configured with four counter rotating rotors: two up-wind and two down-wind.

The Dual variant rotors can be configured with 4, 6 or 8-blade dual-rotors for low wind speed regimes.

The very low start-up speeds of the turbine are less than 1.5/second.

Additionally, the Passive Rotor tilt-furling system allows for continuous operation (on cut-out speed) regardless of wind conditions. Power is maintained under conditions where conventional turbines would be shut down. The steering of the Passive Rotor with all wind speeds ensures that the total machine is not stressed.

Overall, the TransWind QuadRo wind turbine has substantially lower costs per kW, with the QuadRo Rotor configuration and DuRoGen Generators resulting in an increased output of 50-60% for the same size turbine.


Due to the TransWind QuadRo’s ability to fold up and down, maintenance can be carried out on ground level and be positioned back into place, ready to run again.